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Sunday, April 10th, 2016

What You Need to Know About Startmate

Startmate is a network of founders offering mentorship and seed financing to technical teams creating global Internet startups from Australia.

The mentors have extensive experience growing successful tech businesses such as Atlassian co-founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.

Over 200 startups from across the country apply each year and 25 of these are shortlisted for interviews. Of these, we select the best 6-8

Unlike other accelerators, Startmate’s 30 mentors invest their own money into the startups, $75,000 in each of the eight companies for 7.5% of company equity. The cash injection is a mechanism to value their time which they volunteer to the startups through the program.

The teams then work for free out of the same office, ATP Innovations in Sydney, for three months during January, February and March. The months of April and May are then spent in Silicon Valley raising seed capital.

Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, ranked Startmate alongside ycombinator and Techstars as one of the top five accelerators in the world. This was followed by the Economist again listing Startmate as one of the top accelerators in the world based on follow-on funding for alumni.

Of the 37 companies who have been a part of the program (not including our 2016 intake), half have raised an average of US$1m in seed capital at an average valuation of US$4m. Three of these companies have gone on to raise Series A finance at many multiples of that including:

  • BugCrowd which raised US$6m in March 2015
  • Happy Inspector which raised US$2.8m in February 2015
  • ScriptRock which raised US$8.7m in August 2014
  • Grabble, from the first intake, was our first exit being acquired by Walmart in 2011.

We’re working with the following startups in 2016:

  • CompeteShark: A time machine for the greatest AB tests ever run

  • Contactout: Making sales people super humans

  • elevio: Answering the support tickets that never get filed

  • Journalmate: Slashing the time it takes for cutting edge medical research to hit the field

  • Pylon: Making it easier to sell solar installations

  • QPay: Planting the seeds of P2P payments behaviour with college students

  • Stemn: Github for science

  • Todaywelearned: Education works better when parents are in the loop

  • Workyard: Helping construction contractors hire, and get hired





What You Need to Know About Startmate

What You Need to Know About Startmate

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What You Need to Know About Startmate

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