Startmate backs the incredibly ambitious.

We help Australians compete on the world stage.


Startmate will help you focus by offering the support of a mentor network. We will help you attract and win your first customers and create as many early-stage financing options as we can.

The formal part of the investment is a three-month program. It begins on a local immersion trip. We then spend three months in Sydney or Melbourne. Through weekly lunches, dinners and other events, mentors support founders to supercharge their businesses. The official part of the program ends with 2 Demo Days (Sydney & Melbourne) and a week-long immersion trip in San Francisco. After the program, we will still be engaged shareholders, supporting you for the long haul.




Support and a network of connections for further investment

Program & office space in Sydney/Melbourne and trip to San Francisco

Investment to get you in your startup full time and winning customers



Startmate includes two demo days (Sydney & Melbourne).

The demo days are designed to help teams explore capital raising options.

 Sydney Cohort:                January - April (Application submission: Sept - Nov)

Melbourne Cohort:         July - October (Application submission: March - May)


“Startmate puts companies through a process of releasing your first product and winning your first customers.”

The value of Startmate is the mentor network, the alumni Startmate companies and the Australian founders around the world. 

The 7.5% is essentially the price of the sum total of all these sharp founders helping your business. The investment is a bonus on top of this and facilitates the exchange.

Our aim of the program is to help our investments win their initial customers and gain traction. And following that, to pursue, if the startups wish, further financing either in Australia or the US. Roughly half go on to raise further capital and approximately 20% raise an institutional series A from Silicon Valley firms.

We chose the valuation terms after looking at comparable transactions at programs in the US like Techstars and Y Combinator. If we can’t increase your chances by an additional 7.5% or if the matter is even close, then we will have failed anyway.

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