Startmate helped Workyard articulate their product and company vision and raised their ambition to tackle the trillion dollar global construction market from day 1.

Workyard is a labour marketplace for the construction industry helping subcontractors build a visual portfolio and connect with other subcontractors for work through a beautifully-designed, instagram-like mobile app.


“Just stop talking about it, stop thinking about it and get it done.”

The idea for Workyard came after co-founder Nic needed to find some extra tradies to help finish off his kitchen renovation. His current chippie got out his phone and started calling people he knew. No one was available and Nic was shocked to find out that there wasn’t any other way for tradespeople to connect with each other, causing weeks of delay to the project.

Fortunately founders Nic and Alex come from a family of tradies, and after doing deeper customer research they realised there was a huge gap in the market, and so Workyard was born.

Startmate helped Nic and Alex identify what the key metrics of the business were and how to test the US market. They leveraged the marketplace expertise in the extended Startmate and Blackbird network to help connect with the best thinkers on marketplace globally, and raised their seed round from the those connections.

So it was that Nathan McGuiness, originally a founder of Goodcall, found a better fit with the Edrolo team and joined as head of engineering shortly after the team completed Startmate. Nathan has brought balance to the company and they were also able to hire several more engineers after raising some additional capital.

Edrolo have made a large amount of progress since Startmate and now students and schools in countries around the world pay to access the charisma and knowledge of rockstar teachers.

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