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At Startmate, we help exceptional people build iconic companies, and we're powered by the most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Australia.

'Startmate supports you by enabling you to leap higher and faster than you think possible. It helps you find the opportunities and alternate paths that others miss.'

Kas Taleb, Alumni 

About Startmate

Startmate encourages ambitious founders to hit their next milestone, and offers invaluable resources, advice and support along the way.

Startmate’s world-class community of mentors and alumni are scaling businesses from the first dollar to the next billion, and we share that knowledge with founders through our 12-week accelerator program, 1:1 bespoke coaching and in-person events.

Startmate is also a pathway for talented people into the world of Startups. Our Fellowship program is a 2-month program for highly-talented operators that includes ongoing professional support, a trip to SF and access to the Startmate community for life. 

Since 2010, we’ve been welcoming exceptional people into a community for life as they create groundbreaking businesses of tomorrow.

Startmate Facts & Figures

Startmate runs two accelerator programs each year, one based in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.

300-400 startups from across the country apply for each cohort, and from these we select the best 10-15.

We offer $75,000 cash for 7.5% equity.

For startups that have raised more than $250,000, we will match the terms of the last round of funding.

Since Startmate’s inception in 2010, we have invested in 83 startups in Australia.

Startmate’s mentor network includes prominent entrepreneurs who have experience in verticals ranging from Aerospace to Marketplaces and understand how to grow and scale a business from the first dollar to the next billion.

Startmate’s investor network has representation of all prominent VCs across Australia including Blackbird, Airtree, Squarepeg, Reinventure and Rampersand.

You can access this knowledge and network through our 12-week Accelerator (for startups) or the 2-month Fellowship (for professionals).

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