Startmate is Australia’s leading technology accelerator.

We back the most ambitious Australian founders as they build world-class companies.

We believe in a better future led by technology.


Startmate invests in great Australian founders who are on a mission to be the best in the world. 

Startmate is powered by its mentors - successful startup founders who invest their own time and money in each batch. The mentors have extensive experience growing successful tech businesses such as Atlassian co-founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.

Over 200 startups from across the country apply to be a part of each batch and 30 of these are shortlisted for interviews. Of these, we select the best 10-15.

We offer $75,000 cash for 7.5% equity. For startups that have raised more than $250,000, we will match the terms of the last round of funding.

Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, ranks Startmate alongside Y Combinator and Techstars as one of the top five accelerators in the world. The Economist listed Startmate as one of the top accelerators in the world based on follow-on funding for alumni.

Startmate is Australia's leading startup accelerator, running in both Sydney and Melbourne. Since our inception, we have invested in 73 startups.

Success stories include:

Everproof - $1.5M AUD Seed (Feb 2018)

Mentorloop - $1M AUD Seed (Nov 2017)

Morse Micro - Series A ( Oct 2017)

Vero — $4M AUD Series A (June 2017)

Flirtey - $16M Series A (January 2017)

Happy Inspector - $7.5M Series A (October 2016)

Propeller Aerobotics - $3.1M Series A (September 2016)

UpGuard - $17M Series B (August 2016)

Bugcrowd - $15M Series B (April 2016)

Edrolo - $2.6M Series A (May 2015)

Other notable Startmate investments include: BugherdFlightfox, Workyard, Elevio, Kinderloop, QPay, Koala Safe, & Pixel Together

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